Turning Point Management Advisors Is The Team You Need.

Their focus is on restoring business value for all stakeholders, while leading organizations through transition. They provide decisive leadership while guiding you through business crisis. They want to restore the success you have been accustomed to over the years.

The principals of Turning Point Management Advisors, Robert J. Silhacek and Michael P. Wise, have over 50 combined years of diverse C-level experience, expertise, leadership, and knowledge to dive in and drive the changes necessary for success. They have successfully managed through challenges like yours and want to bring their expertise to you. Turning Point Management Advisors brings to you a team of professional, financial, organizational, strategic, and operational management experts to assess your critical business issues and provide the action plans necessary to return your company to operating success. Turning Point Management Advisors provides hands-on executive guidance to assist you in implementing the final action plan. This is what sets Turning Point Management Advisors apart from the competition, hands-on involvement with proven executive level expertise. The goal is to stabilize your business, re-establish its value and grow it again.

Turning Point Management Advisors Specialize In The Following

  • Business Turnaround
  • Restructuring
  • Financial/Operating Plans
  • Crisis Cash Management
  • Vendor Deferrals
  • M&A/Business Transactions
  • Executive Management
  • Cash Flow Improvements
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Liquidations
  • Revenue/Market Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Receiverships
  • Organizational Reviews
  • Profitability Improvements
  • Creditor Representation
  • Operational Reviews
  • Financial Management
  • Refinancing
  • Bank Credit Negotiations
  • Debtor Representation
  • Forensic Accounting

Turning Point Management Advisors has been involved in turnaround efforts at several companies successfully paying down debt, renegotiating credit agreements, and re-establishing value for all stakeholders. The key has been working hand in hand with all stakeholders to understand the business and its situation. Turning Point Management Advisors performs a quick analysis of the issues and their drivers and puts together a plan of action. They work with management to implement the action plan and adjust course, as necessary.

Although the principals of Turning Point Management Advisors have a deep and specialized expertise in financial management, what makes them different from other business consultants is they can bring experts in from many other disciplines to help your organization. They know how to succeed!